Issue 2 (20) 2013

Issue 2 (20) 2013



Bondarev A.S.(Perm City). Legal Self-Education as Independent Type of Subject-Subject Legal Socialization
Reshetov Yu.S.(Kazan City). Normative and Individual Legal Regulation
Turikov M.S.(Perm City). Formation of the Modern Legal Regulation of the System of Agencies in the Russian Ffederation
Chernyadyeva N.A.(Perm City). Was There Terrorism in the Ancient World? On the Issue of the Background and the Factors of the Modern Terrorism Formation


Grigoriev A.V. (Minsk City). Modern System and Functions of Internal Affairs Agencies of the Republic of Belarus
Didenko А.N. (Perm City). Low Signifficance of Administrative Offence Cases in the Currency Law Sphere
Pisareva Ye.G. (Saratov City). The Definition Administrative and Financial Legal Relations with the Participation of State Establishments
Popov V.V., Trishina E.G. (Saratov City). On the Problem of Application of Notion “Conscientiousness” when Protection the Rights of Taxpayers
Sadchikov М.N. (Saratov City). Legal Culture in the Тaxation Sphere as a Mandatory Condition for Efficient Interaction Between Taxing Authorities and Taxpayers
Khudoley D.M. (Perm City). About the Subject and the Method of the Comparative Constitutional Law
Khudoley K.M. (Perm City). Constitutionality of Decisions Echr and Their Feasibility


Bondarenko N.L. (Minsk City), Shkut O.N. (Daugavpils City). Subject Structure of the Factoring Agreement as per the Legislation of Russia, Belarus, Latvia: Comparative Legal Studies
Golubtsov V.G. (Perm City). The Theories of Distinction Between the Public Law and the Private Law in Pre-Revolutionary Russian Science
Kirpichev А.Ye. (Moscow City). The Right for the Business Reputation of the State and Municipal Formations, State Official Bodies and Municipal Government Bodies
Kuznetsova O.А. (Perm City). Correlation Between the Illegality, Guilt and Force Majeure Through the Example of the Agricultural Producer Liability
Nasirov H.T. (Dushanbe City). The Subsidiary Obligation Contents in the Civil Legislations of the CIS Countries
Otradnova O.A. (Kiev City). Application of General Legal Presumptions in the Civil Mechanism of the Delictual Obligations Regulation (Through the Example of the Ukraine)
Sultonova T.I. (Dushanbe City). Differentiating the Gamble from Other Aleatory Constructions
Suslova S.I. (Irkutsk City). The Place Housing Relations in the Classifications of Social Relations
Tagaeva S.N. (Dushanbe City). On the Issue of the Causal Relationship in the Family Offence


Bogomol O.V. (Odessa City). Expenses Subject to Payment for the Translation Service in the Economic (Arbitration) Procedural Law of Ukraine
Nosov D.V. (Perm City). On the Legal Succession in the Procedural Law


Afanasyeva S.I. (Perm City). The Court Decisions Subject to Appeal Hearing
Borisevich G.Ya. (Perm City). On the Significant, Unrecoverable, Fundamental LawViolations as the Reasons for Cancelling or Changing the Court Decisions on Criminal Cases
Dzhulay D.I. (Murmansk City). Preventive Function of the Criminal Liability for Crimes Committed in Complicity
Kyssykova G.B. (Astana City). Following the Principles of Draft Legal Acts Scientific Expert Examination as a Legislative Crime Prevention Component
Marinkin D.N. (Perm City). Specificity of Proving when Investigating the Economic Crimes Committed by the Management of Associations of Housing Owners
MikhailovV.S. (Samara City). On the Issue of the Structure and Types of the Systems of Execution of Punishment as Imprisonment in 30–60th of XX Century
Moskalev G.L. (Krasnoyarsk City). The Object of a Crime Provided by the Article 357 of the Criminal Code of Russian Federation (Genocide)
Plutytska K.M. (Dnipropetrovsk City). The Social and Demographic Description of the Victims of Forcing to Entering Into the Sexual Relations
Filchenko A.P. (Ryazan City). Compromise as the Criminal Legal Regulation Method
Chudin N.M. (Perm City). Special Prevention of Crime in the Activitiesof the Court Bailiffs Service
Shmykov D.V. (Perm City). On Juridical Defining the Pornography
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