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N.M. Chudin

Perm State National Research University
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From the moment of introducing the Court Bailiffs Service for providing the stipulated court activity order, one can agree that a special subdivision appeared in the Federal Service with the purpose of special prevention of the crimes. The principal effort are aimed at providing the safety of the court sessions, attachments, bringing to bailiffs and investigators, providing for the safety of the executive actions and fulfilling specific orders.

The requirements for people contesting for such positions are very precise and strictly regulated by the legislation. First of all the person should have a Russian citizenship, and the age is limited. The professional aptitude, the health status, no conflicts with the criminal law – are among the mandatory requirements.

The law granted the bailiffs with new functions such as providing assistance to the internal affairs bodies in retrieval and arrest of persons escaping from investigative and examination bodies and from the court.

One of the principal functions is the forced bringing of persons escaping from the court, to the court bailiffs and to the investigators of the bailiff service. The structural subdivisions receive court orders for the forced bringing of persons. With this a large number of such orders are made concerning people living in different places of Perm region and other Russian Federation Territories.

It is more often that such citizens are brought to the courts of the Republic of Bashkiria, the Republic of Udmurtia, the Sverdlovsk Region and the Kirov Region. Besides, the bailiffs if the Perm region performed such activities for the courts of the Nizhnevartovsk city of the Khanty-Mansijsk Autonomous District (Yugra) as well as to Vladivostok, the city of Ussuriysk and Spassk-Dalny. For the trans-regional court activities, the rapid-response team bailiffs are involved working for providing the stipulated order of the court operation.

Keywords: Federal Bailiff Service; providing for the stipulated order of the court activities; state service; crime preventive measures; contingent measures; special warning; estimated figures; administrative practice; special authorities; official interaction


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