Normative and individual Legal regulation

Yu.S. Reshetov

Kazan (Volga Region) Federal University,
18, Kremlyovskaya st., Kazan, 420008
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Lawful regulation – category of the general theory of right, which makes it possible to understand the important aspects of state – lawful reality. To solve this problem is possible differently. Here it cannot be unified approach. In this article the knowledge of lawful regulation is based on a study of normative and individual lawful regulation. In this case primary attention is paid to questions of their relationship.

Important aspect of the study of lawful regulation – its connection with the action of right in the time, in the space and in the circle of the persons. Right always acts in the time, in the space and in the circle of the persons.

Lawful regulation must be accomplished taking into account its expediency. By no means always, although it is possible, it is worthwhile to come running to the lawful regulation.

Resolution of a question about interaction of the realization of right with the lawful regulation is hindered. Norma rights, being the means of juridical action on the people, themselves realize through the external and internal forms of regulation and self – regulation of the behavior of people, which present response reaction to the normative – organizational mediation of social relations, which is been the basic direction of lawful action on the behavior of people.

Keywords: right; individual lawful regulation; normative lawful regulation


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