Issue 3 (21) 2013

Issue 3 (21) 2013

Antipeva N.V. (Saint-Petersburg City). Legal Regulation Unity and Differentiation as the Social Security Law Principle

Barkov A.V. (Moscow City). On Discussion of the Social Service Legal Institution Trends of Development its Correlation with Related Branches of Law

Bilykh G.M. (Perm City). Life for People

Bondarenko N.L., Тelyatitskaya Т.V. (Minsk City). Realization of the Right to Work and Ensuring Labour Employment of the Population in Republic of Belarus

Bryukhina E.R,. Novikova N.V. (Perm City). Student Contraact with a Person Seeking fo a Job as an Alternative to the Labor Contract for a Probationary Period

Vasilieva Yu.V. (Perm City). Freedom, Creativity, Labour Law. In Memory of Leonid Yurievich Bugrov

Viklyuk A.M. (Yekaterinburg City). The Registration of Transfers from One Job Position to Another in Accordance with the Medical Recommendtions in Labor Law of Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan: Comparative Legal Analysis

Vishnovetskaya S.V. (Kyiv City). On the Issue of the Labor Law Science Methodology Purpose

Golovina S.Yu. (Yekaterinburg City). Labour Contract as the Legal Structure

Gontsov N.I. (Perm City). Labor Disputes and Conflicts of Interest in the Russian Federation Legislation

Drachuk M.A. (Omsk City). Once Again to Discussion of a Labour Contract as a Legal Source (In Memory L.Yu. Bugrova)

Zhernakov V.V. (Kharkiv City). Freedom to Work and Prohibition of Forced Labor in the Modern Labor Law

Istomina Ye.A. (Yekaterinburg City). On the Implementation of the Principles of the Social Security Law

Kudrin A.S. (Perm City). About Formation of Elements of Impact on Labour Relations in the First Years of the Soviet State Existence

Kudrin S.M. (Perm City). About the Issue of Referring to a Branch of the Relations Associated with Passing of Public Service and the Features of the Social Partnership in the Public Civil Service

Leschukh D.R. (Lviv City). On the Issue of Labour Agreement Place in the System of the Sources of Law

Lushnikov A.M. (Yaroslavl City). L.Yu. Bugrov and Perm Labor Law School

Lushnikova M.V. (Yaroslavl City). International Labour Law: Concept, Object

Mamatkazin I.R. (Perm City). Social and Insurance Legal Relations as the Element of the Freedom of Labor Guarantee System

Mezhybovskaiya I.V. (Almaty City). Legal Category of “Social Services” in the System of Social Protection of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Nushtaikina K.V. (Ekaterinburg City). Realization of the Right of Workers for Social Partnership in the Conditions of the Remote Work

Parpan T.V. (Lviv City). Legal Aspects of Transfer to Another Work

Sagandykov M.S. (Chelyabinsk City). Realization of the Constitutional Principle of Freedom of Labour at Temporary Transfers to Another Job

Simutina I.V. (Kyiv City). Functions of Legal Facts in a Labour Law

Stasiv О.V. (Lviv City). Constitutional Provisions Defining the Principles of Labour Law of Ukraine

Fedorova M.Yu. (Saint-Petersburg City). Form of a Right for Labour Realization as a Factor of Social Security Differentiation (in L.Yu. Bugrov Concept of Labour Freedom Context)

Shumylo M.M. (Kyiv City). The Essence of Legal Relations Associated with Retirement

Yashurina E.V. (Perm City). Aspects of Audit and Assessment of Employee’s Qualifications

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