Issue 3 (21) 2013



О.V. Stasiv

Ivan Franko Lviv National University
1, Universytetska st., Lviv, 79000, Ukraine

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Abstract: The article is dedicated to the research of constitutional provisions, which define basis of legal regulation of labour relations. Special attention is paid to the influence of constitutional principles on the field of labour law. Classification of such principles is offered on constitutional principles which are directed on realization of right to work and constitutional principles of defence of right to work in Ukraine.

The importance of the constitutional principles of labour law for the formation and development of one of the most important spheres of the domestic law is grounded. To author’s mind, they are determinant guides on which the system of norms should be formed which are directed to consistent establishment, development and protection of the whole range of humans’ socio-economic rights and freedoms in the field of labour and the need to ensure effective cooperation between employees and employers and to balance their controversial interests.

It is concluded that the constitutional principles of labour law must correspond international normative legal acts, which are legalized by the Supreme Counsil of Ukraine. They are the part of domestic legislation.

The author argues that the constitutional rights are at the same time the constitutional principles of labour law. All the normative legal acts, which define the direction of legal system development, should be orientated on them. They may not to be formulated in normative legal acts, but they may be emerged of the aggregate of constitutional norms.

The most important criteria of labour law constitutional principles classification are grounded, their detailed analysis is made. Primarily the right to labour belongs to those principles (the rights to appropriate, safe and healthy working conditions, to labour payment, to rest and compulsory labour prohibition). The constitutional provisions directed to the protection of labour rights by the trade unions and other bodies empowered by the employees, the right to the strike and other protection measures not prohibited by the law are also the principles of labour law.

The proposals to the following constitutional provisions implementation into the labour relations are formulated on basis of the made analysis, which define the direction of labour legal regulation, and reasonable recommendations are suggested concerning practical application of these principles in the sphere of citizens labour rights protection.

Keywords: principles of law; constitutional principles of labour law; general legal principles; special-legal principles


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