Activity of bodies of Office of Public Prosecutor on prevention of violence concerning minors: the analysis of the theory and judiciary practice (on an example of the Ulyanovsk region)

A.N. Levushkin

Ulyanovsk state university
42, L. Tolstoi st., Ulyanovsk, 432000
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The article is devoted activity of bodies of Office of Public Prosecutor on prevention of violence concerning minors and cruel treatment with the child in territory of the Ulyanovsk region. One of indicators of psychological safety of children in a society is their security from violence. The violence along with an alcoholism and a narcotism gradually becomes a norm of behaviour transferred from one generation to another. Violence growth in a family and youth subculture is observed. The teenager becomes more often a victim of violence as it stays on border between two worlds – the world of children and the world of adults.

In article the statistical data concerning number of perfect violent acts concerning children in territory of the Ulyanovsk region is cited. The author analyzes examples from judiciary practice across the Ulyanovsk region, the data of spent public prosecutor's checks in the given direction is considered.

Including supervision of execution of laws on minors one of priority directions of activity, bodies of Office of Public Prosecutor of the Ulyanovsk region spend remedial work in interests of children, aimed at actual elimination of each of the opened infringements.

The raised concern in connection with violence growth in a society quite can be justified, and especially concerning children. Therefore today special attention as an indicator of development of a society the problem of violence over minors, and juvenile - in even as a whole "involves" degrees. Owing to age features juvenile and minor persons fall under certificates of aggression or cruelty of adult persons is more often.

Work of Office of Public Prosecutor of the Ulyanovsk region and public prosecutors on the given direction is aimed at regular carrying out of checks of execution of the named legislation, including and establishments in which children - orphans are trained or brought up, children without parental support, children-invalids, children who are in a difficult reality situation, and actual elimination of each of the opened infringements.

The family violence over children and cruel treatment not only creates threat to health, intellectual and moral development of the separate child and even the whole groups of children, but also safety of a society as a whole. The author pays the greatest attention to the legal analysis of physical and mental violence over children and measures of struggle of bodies of Office of Public Prosecutor on prevention of violence concerning the child. The analysis of the statistical data is considered. It is underlined that is the most frequent to physical violence in family children having physical or mental deviations are exposed. Questions of the theory, practice and preventive work are analyze The analysis of the d.

Keywords: Children; violence over children; violence prevention; Office of Public Prosecutor; parents; cruel treatment with children; adoption; deprivation of the parental rights; judiciary practice; guardianship and guardianship bodies; harm compensation


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