Issue 1 (15) 2012



V.V. Vasiliev

Tver State University
33, Zhelyabova st., Tver, 170100
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Consideration of branch system of civil law is connected with necessity of definition of concept of civil legal institute as major element of system of civil law. The author analyzes various approaches to the decision of this problem, investigates conclusions and the offers stated in the scientific literature. On the basis of the spent analysis, the author comes to a conclusion that the civil-law institute is an obligatory structural element of system of the civil law which existence is caused systemic law. In article value for formation of institutes of a subject, a method and principles of civil law is analyzed and the conclusion that, despite the importance, these factors aren't defining for formation of institutes is formulated. As a primary factor the functional orientation of civil-law norms which causes integrity of institutes and their interrelation among themselves is offered. Civil-law norms in structure of institute of civil law get the value only in case of their consideration as generality and set as only in such condition they get the special intrinsic maintenance. The civil-law institute is an independent and independent structural element of system of civil law. Autonomy testifies about presence at it own laws of existence and development. Independence of institute of civil law means absence of submission in relation to other structural elements. Value of civil-law institute consists in maintenance of the fullest and complete legal regulation. On the basis of the conducted research and consideration of properties of institute of civil law, it is offered authorial definition of the civil-law institute. The civil law institute is an obligatory structural element of system of the civil law, uniting in the complete generality set of the rules of law united by a functional orientation of institute both providing the fullest and complete civil-law regulation.

Keywords: institute of civil law; properties of institute; set of norms; autonomy; independence; system of civil law


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