Methodological potential of the civil science

E.G. Komissarov

Tyumen State Academy for Global Economy, Management and Law
102, 30 Let Pobedy st., Tyumen, 625051

Abstract: Discussing methodological problems of scientific knowledge of law the author analyzes the value of methodological tools in science, designating it as those necessary regulations which is the rule of application of all other rules underlying scientific knowledge. The scientific and practical importance of methodological ensuring any informative activity is undoubted as results of each research are caused in advance by that set of ways and means which will be used by the researcher during studying of the corresponding legal phenomenon.

The cash knowledge reached in the theory of methodology characterizes it as the substantial and theoretical party of process of knowledge or as science about components of scientific knowledge. Relying on these theoretical judgments the author seeks to delimit related or adjacent concepts with which often mix methodology. Among them such single-root in the Russian language concepts as "method" and "technique". They have the general roots with methodology, but everyone, thus, bears independent semantic loading. The method is defined in the philosophical science as the way, the logical tool by means of which mind of the person aspires to truth knowledge. In the field of legal science the method is reasonably considered as one of levels of methodological space. The concept "technique" is most often used in common value without having formal and steady definition as equipment, external rules of performance of any action with knowledge of concrete operations on which actions decay. In relation to research activity in the field of the law the author considers technique as a set of consecutive procedures of accumulation, systematization and processing of doctrinal, legal, empirical material. Refusal of system techniques in the theory often attracts mistakes and is capable to turn back practical powerlessness of legal science to please interpretation instead of legislation creation as a result. Subjective characteristics of the researcher gain the most essential value at the level of the technique. In the ratio analysis with methodology the technique acts as one of elements of methodological space as well as the method.

Keywords: the theory of scientific knowledge; method; technique; methodology components; approaches focused on practice

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