V.S. Shapovalova

Investigator Department of the Prosecutor's Office of Mykolayiv region
54030, Ukraine, Nikolaev, st. Spassky, 28
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Abstract: The concept proposals of the weaponsdelictics, as well as system of the weaponsdelictics as baseline partial scientists of the criminalistics as «Firearm weapons, ammunition and the antydelictical traces of unlawful management with them», «Explosive weapons, explosive devices and/or explosive substance and/or means of undermining and the antydelictical traces of unlawful management with them» and «Mechanical weapons and the antydelictical traces of unlawful management with it».

Determined by the nature of the wrongful acts of the handling of weapons. The classification of funds for the weapons of macrooffenses, the tool of macrooffenses and the acts of nature merged.

The notion of weapons macrooffenses as an object or device that is technically suitable, structurally capable and used to cause fatal injury to man or used by a person with the same purpose, the forces of nature; gun macrooffenses as other objects and devices, and the forces of nature that are used for macrooffenses.

The classification of the weapons of macrooffenses depending on the circumstances of its occurrence and the application for legal weapons, legal paraweapons, possible paraweapons and criminal weapon.

Defined classification of criminal weapons, depending on the circumstances and the appearance of the application is divided into a de-facto criminal weapons and de-jure criminal weapon. The classification of criminal weapons depending on the principle of its action on criminal firearms, criminal explosive weapons and criminal mechanical arms.

A system for forming the basic concept of evidence of criminal firearms, firearm crime and criminal firearms.

Keywords: the concept of the weaponsdelictics; the system of the weaponsdelictics; the legal weapons; the legal paraweapons; the possible paraweapons; the criminal firearms; the criminal mechanical weapon; the criminal explosive weapons; the basic features of criminal weapons; acts of unlawful use of weapons


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