ORDER of Making a Contract for the Aviation Equipment Maintenance

D.G. Stepanovich

National University the "Odessa legal Academy"
9, Pioneer st., Odessa, Ukraine, 65000
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The article is sanctified to research the order of conclusion a treaty maintenance of aero technics in a State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, legal adjusting of civil legal relationships in the aviation sphere of branch executive power of Ukraine, also the article lights up the basic aspects of conclusion of this treaty. In the article the civil legal analysis of service aero technics agreement comes true in a State Border Guard Service of Ukraine. The decision of moment and mechanism is grounded conclusion of treaty, defects and contradictions of legislation are analyzed, brought in suggestion on the removal blanks of legislation. The problem questions of conclusion treaty maintenance of aero technics are also examined in a State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, namely what terms must be necessarily taken into account at the conclusion of this treaty, that makes the subject of agreement and in what form a service of aero technics agreement consists in a State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.

Except the stated, the article is sanctified to consideration the order (procedures) of holding competition as a method of conclusion a treaty of maintenance of aero technics in a State Border Guard Service of Ukraine. The next stages of holding competition are analyzed on a right for the conclusion of treaty: the preparatory stage; announcing competition; acceptance of competitive suggestions (requests); estimation of requests and decision of winner; awarding judgment about the results of competition; report to the participants of competition about the results of competition.

The characteristic signs of conclusion a treaty maintenance of aero technics are investigated in a State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, perfections factors of the legal adjusting this type of agreement. Actuality of research theme increases those circumstances, that amount of publications on the range of problems, that touches such type of relations, in home legal literature is extremely insignificant, and most problems in it industry in general there is sight of research workers out of the field.

Keywords: air-unit; implementation is a robot; offer; conclusion; customer; performer

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