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Kaptalan TO THE DEFINITION of the Notion of the Political Party as a Subject of Law

TO THE DEFINITION of the Notion of the Political Party as a Subject of Law

I.M. Kaptalan

National university «Odessa law academy»
23, Fontanskaya doroga str., Odessa, Ukraine, 65000
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For legislator is a problematic issue a legal registration of the institute of political parties, providing it with the relevant legal grounds. This situation is justified, since its origin, scope, functionality parties are more social and political than the state-legal category.

Consequently, the legal, political and social relations have a common part of the study. From this point of view the study of civil-legal status of a political party is not possible without analysis of political and social relations.

Political party – it is a public association created for the purpose of citizen to participate in the political life of the community through the creation and expression of their political will, to participate in social and political action in elections and referendums, and to represent the interests of citizens in government and local government

Fundamental importance for legal regulation of a formulation legal definition of the term "political party" that would distinguish the party as a specific subject of the right of all other types of associations.

Political party, along with other public organizations participate in civil relations. The main legal form of such collective entities involved in public circulation, is the construction of a legal entity. Political parties are endowed with attributes of a legal entity, namely, organizational unity, the presence of separate property, separate property liability, and the performance of public circulation on its own behalf.

After analyzing the concepts and features of the political parties sign political parties, it seems that one can distinguish the following qualifying features that, in our opinion, fully and accurately characterize the civil status of political parties:

– Party – a special kind of public organizations which have the status of a legal entity;

– As a civil law operates on the basis of the statute;

– Party – unions which permanent organizational structure based on a fixed individual membership.

Keywords: civil legal subjects; political parties; legal entities; public organization; regulation

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