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D.V. Golovkina

West-Ural Institute of Economics and Law

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Introduction: The contract of electric power supply is of great social significance, therefore study of its subject is of great importance, as well. The purpose of the paper is to study the subject of the contract of electric power supply  in the doctrine and legislation of the Russian Federation. Methods: The methodological framework of this research is a set of scientific methods. The author used general scientific methods of analysis and synthesis, as well as special scientific methods of research (technical). Results: The paper defines the distinctive features of the subject of the contract of electric power supply, which are determined by the fact that energy is not a commodity in the usual sense, and requires certain action to be transferred. However, energy is defined as a product that is transmitted from the power supply company to the consumer. Various points of view concerning the energy which is the subject of the contract of electric power supply are presented: according to one point of view, it is referred to property as the object of right of ownership; another view holds that it acts as so-called incorporeal property; there is one more opinion stating that energy is neither right nor thing. In addition, a comparison between energy and a thing is drawn, the specific features of energy not allowing for its identification with things are defined. At the same time, it is concluded that considering the development of new economic relations in Russia, it is possible to refer energy to the category which is formally close to the category of things. Conclusion: The contract of electric power supply has a complex subject that involves both transmitting energy and energy, which is inextricably connected with the transmission, itself.



Keywords: subject of the contract; contract of electric power supply; energy; thing; energy transmission;
specifics of energy


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