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A.V. Klekovkina

Vyatka State University for the Humanities

26, Krasnoarmeyskaya st., Kirov, 610002

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Introduction: administrative and legal status of bodies, authorized to carry out the federal state fire control, in modern conditions is a poorly studied in theory, but is widely used in practice the institution of administrative law. In this article administrative and legal status is viewed through the determination of the composition and content of its elements. Purpose and objectives: the author explores the different viewpoints of scientists, giving them critical, puts own proposals on the composition and content of legal status. Methods: used general philosophical, general scientific and special-legal methods. Particular attention was paid to the comparative and systematic methods. Results: the author studied the legal nature of the concept of "administrative and legal status of the federal state fire supervision." The author insists on the allocation of the target, structural and organizational, of competency, evaluation block elements in the design status. The idea of separation evaluation unit due to the urgent need to introduce as part of the evaluation of the status of the body on the results. Responsible authority of administrative supervision cant be regarded as an element of its status as a declarative, factually and legally available. The author pays special attention to the following provisions in the legal filling of selected blocks: 1) in the target block elements of the status we can talk about how the goal of the organ, well as the purposes of their activities; 2) function cant be elements of competence, however, the inclusion of this item is possible and necessary in the target unit status; 3) in the legislation besides the oversight function must be specified the general functions of the control. Conclusions: today we  cant say that the science of administrative law occurred due theoretical understanding of the administrative and legal status of the supervisory bodies. In this connection it has important theoretical and practical significance for both economic entities and government inspectors, and for the state as a whole.



Keywords: administrative and legal status; legal regime; targeted, structural and organizational, of competency, evaluative units of the administrative and legal status; responsibility


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