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Abstract: When investigating most crimes, inspection of the scene is the initial urgent investigative actions. The quality of your examination of the scene enables us to form the correct version, solve the crime, convict the guilty. Tactical and procedural violations committed by the investigator in the production of inspection and often negative impact on the further course of the investigation, the investigation provoked the wrong path or plant it in a deadlock. To some extent, this is due to lack of sufficient experience some investigators of crime scene investigation, especially in cases of serious crimes. Omissions during the initial examination of the scene can not be replaced and often irreplaceable general.

An investigator should have the necessary minimum of expertise and knowledge for qualified inspection of an explosion site, as well for work in potentially explosive conditions or in explosive environments.

The paper analyzes the issues of organizational and tactical, technical and forensic provisions of examination of the scene. It sets out a list of actions for an investigator and other participants of the inspection after receiving a message about the explosion and on arrival at the scene. Another list of specific natural objects and trace materials that can be found in the examination of the scene is considered. The paper also sets rules for dealing with detection of traces. It defines the regulations for handling explosive objects and studies the tactics of the inspection of the explosion. It shows the patterns of errors and deficiencies in the conduct of investigative actions. The recommendations aimed at improving the effectiveness of inspection are offered as well.

Keywords: inspection; explosion site; detonated devices; explosives; vestiges of a crime; the rules of treatment; participants' safety




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