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Abstract: The concept and essence of social impact and its relation with system of the public relations in the sphere of wage labour is analyzed. It is specified that social influence represents the independent social phenomenon which can be considered as process of formation by the subject in the person of the state, individuals and their groups of due behavior of object in the person of individuals and their groups from the point of view of and in interests of the subject by means of use of social and regulatory mechanisms. The main thing from them is the law that is the difficult public phenomenon that causes definition the legal impact. Subjects of legal impact on labour relations in the person of the state, employers and social partners are designated, and also the International Labour Organization (ILO) role in this process is specified. The concept «decent work» and its communication with the designated legal category «legal impact» is allocated. Legal possibilities of implementation of the concept of Decent work means of application of «core» conventions and solutions of four strategic tasks that are based on recognition of equal value the work of men and women: creation of new workplaces; general guarantees of the rights in the labour sphere; expansion of the rights in the sphere of social protection; assistance to the effective social dialogue, capable to coordinate interests of hired workers and owners of means of production for achievement of a social compromise. The author's concept «decent work», which is understood as the multidimensional concept, covers by itself the economic, political and legal events, creating conditions for the effective and productive work, promoting achievement of public, cultural and technical progress for social protection of workers and their families, promoting development of intrinsic forces of the person, disclosure of creative potential of everyone is given. It is defined that in modern living conditions of the Russian society effective legal impact is necessary to provide balance of interests of the state, employers, social partners with assistance from the International Labour Organization and use of its control mechanisms for flexibility formation in regulation of labour relations for ensuring protection of rights and legitimate interests of workers and employers, creation of conditions for decent work and a full development of the person.

Keywords: social impact; legal impact; International Labour Organization; decent work; labour legal relationship



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