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The theoretical materials on generalization of personal traits of behavior of persons with psyche disorders which don’t exclude sanity are submitted in the paper. Increased attention to some problems of forensic aspects of investigation of socially dangerous act, made by persons with different degree intensity of psyche defects including methods of criminal cases investigations subject to personal mental peculiarities of criminals is paid. The brief description of a number of behavior peculiarities of subject with congenital malformations of mentality without pathological changes of personality is given. And recommendations for practical work which aim are to improve the quality of criminal cases’ investigation.

Increased level of indicator of population’s psyche anomalies, which don’t exclude sanity is mentioned. , and small number of materials and references including broadened medical explanations for using in criminal cases investigations and definition all legal consequences of finding the fact of subject’s psyche defects at criminals is referred.

It is the opinion of the sponsor that for effective work law enforcement officers and judicial system officers should know not only cognitions of natural display of human’s psyche, but they also should know a number of peculiarities of subject’s psyche with anomalies of its development without pathological person changes.

Necessity of well-timed lectures holding to law enforcement officers and judicial system officers in system of primary preparation, training and specialization of investigators, chiefs of investigatory subdivisions of specialization courses.

The author concludes that in modern society interest in problems of qualified criminal cases investigations is growing to avoid human rights abuse in criminal legal procedure and at the same time to guarantee protection of citizens interests from harmful behavior of these subjects.

 Keywords: personal traits of behavior of persons with psyche disorders which don’t exclude sanity

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