Perm University Herald. Juridical Sciences. 2016. Issue 3 (33)


Syropiatova N.V.
Perm State University

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Requisites: Syropyatova N. V. Obespechitel'naya funktsiya dogovora bankovskogo shcheta [The Security Function of a Bank Account Agreement]. Vestnik Permskogo universiteta. Juridicheskie nauki – Perm University Herald. Juridical Sciences. 2016. Issue 33. Pp. 319–328. (In Russ.). DOI: 10.17072/1995-4190-2016-33-319-328
DOI: 10.17072/1995-4190-2016-33-319-328
Annotation: Introduction: the article is devoted to the study of the security function of an interim bank account agreement. The author discusses some implementations of this function. Purpose: to form an idea of the bank account security function based on the analysis of scientific sources and regulations. Methods: the methodological framework of the research is based on a set of methods of scientific cognition, among which an important place is occupied by the functional method. Results: the author considers the concept of the security function of bank accounts, analyzes options for its implementation, reveals strengths and weaknesses of the legal regulation in this area. Conclusions: a bank account agreement has a security function. There are several options for its implementation. They include direct debit (charge-off without a client's order) and certain forms of non-cash payments made through bank accounts and possessing a security function. In addition, the Russian legislation has been supplemented with some types of bank accounts (escrow account agreement, escrow account) for which the security function is practically the main one.
Keywords: security function of a contract; bank account agreement; security function of a bank account; types of bank accounts; securing performance of obligations; encouraging the debtor to the proper performance of obligations; guaranteeing the interests of the creditor; direct debiting of funds from bank accounts; escrow account agreement, escrow accounts
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