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R.B. Bozorov

Tajik National University.

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Introduction: article devoted to the theoretic problems of legal regulation of investments in the Republic of Tajikistan. As it is existed many legal problems in the sphere of legal regulation of investments which requires adequate their solutions, to which given article devoted because in the conditions of market the growth of economy of the republic directly connected with the attract of investment there is no simply another choice or alternative in solution of economic and social tasks. Aim: the aim of the article is to learn and to analyze from theoretic point of view the state of legal regulation of investment in the Republic of Tajikistan and necessity of introduction of amendments in acting investment legislation of the republic methods: the bases of mythology of the given article is as general scientific methods of knowledge (understanding) analysis and synthesis, induction and deduction, abstracting, rising from abstract to the concrete, systematic analysis and so on, including also special methods of juridical research – formal-juridical, historic and comparative-legal. Conclusion: taking in to account analysis of points of views on legal nature of investment, existing in juridical literature, the author suggests the definition of idea of investment, according to which investment is value of material and intellectual character, belonging to investor and making contribution to the object of investment activity with the aim of dotting profit or another positive effect with the definite risk and limited in time. Given definition of notion of investment contains defining its signs as many side and complex phenomenon, in this connection investments can both material (i.e. capital, property, money) and intellectual ownership (for example, introducing investment into the man’s capital. Further investment must be directed to the objects of investment but not to the entrepreneurship activity, this conclusion directly comes out from regulation of the law of the Republic of Tajikistan “On investment”. Legislator forming definite notion of investment established perfectly that investment must be introduced to the objects of investment activity. Making conclusion investment in the first turn must be recognized as value which from side of investor introduced to the economy of receiving state, which the latter (last) interested in its investing.



Keywords: investment; foreign investment; capital investment; owner-ship capital; investor


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