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Introduction:the USSR did not have laws in form of codes at level below than republic. The Constitution of Russia 1993 gave such opportunity to all subjects of Federation. Now about a half of regions using such acts in Russian Federation. The attitude to this type of legal acts in the modern juridical literature in Russia is ambiguous. It is possible to meet opposite opinions. Therefore discussion on this subject matter is necessary. In this article a juridical acts of Russian regions were analysed. Methods: a methodological basis of research is a scientific dialectics method. Similarly in this work were used and other methods of research for example statistical, formally-logical and other methods. Results: as a result a new classification of a codes have been formulated. Also author think that the modern theory of codification do not see difference between code and product of codification. It is not correctly. Conсlusions: according the author opinion a regions of Russia – a subjects of Federation must not use a codes as means of legal regulation. For this level of juridical technique they are have not enough legal material.



Keywords: constitutional reforms; questions of codification; regional lawmaking;
the Russian Federation subjects codes; regional codification; efficiency of law


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