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In this article the problem of legal maintenance of modern sphere of social protection of population rises, contradictions which were formed at legislation formation in describing field are marked. The author notices that to the middle of 90th years in the Russian Federation the system of legislative regulation of economic and social situation of separate objects of social protection has been put. The given norms established system in the field of social services for citizens, and also realization of the state system of social guarantees. The norms directed on social protection of lower-income strata (pensioners, invalids have made, families with children) became the main part in formation of the new legislation.

It is noticed as lacks that laws have been constructed on the uniform sample, and needy citizens and families became addressees of the help. In a number of laws the circle of addressees of the social help is limited. Streamlining of the given process was promoted by modification of the social legislation of Russia.

However the given situation has bared also contradictions. In particular, in new laws there was no regulation of rendering of kinds of social protection of population, there were no instructions on the competence of each level of management of the social protection organizations. Many positions of the new legislation demanded the coordination as variety of directions of joint activity in social protection sphere has been carried to subjects of joint conducting between the federal center and regions, till the moment of change of laws. In the developed legal situation "conflicts" when old norms will conflict to the new legislation haven't been excluded.

Keywords: standard and legal analysis; system of social protection; the contradiction of standard character; federal level; regional level; the legislation of the Russian Federation; organizational and functional maintenance


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