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Abstract: According to the author of the article the “ship” of the obligatory law relations’ theories in both international and Russian jurisprudence has got a noticeable "heel" towards the legal succession of the requirement. Evidently, it explains the lack of carefully developed institutes of the legal debt succession in Russian legislation which promote the successful and fast permission of arising problems between the sides of the obligatory relations, though some effective ways of this process are known to civil law, and more than that they found reflection in the normative acts of the certain states. The author considers the mentioned fact appears to be a serious obstacle for the use in full amount the all possible ways of obligations’ turn in the modern civil trade market. For the purpose of drawing the legislator’s attention to one of such institutes the author tries to analyze the passive delegation when the creditor gives his consent to replace the debtor who, in turn, offers the delegate (his debtor) to the obligee. It should be noted that this form of the delegation is, according to the universal recognition, "pure", without any reservations, the delegation in the exact meaning of this word. The circumstance that all scientists of the world believe just such legal phenomenon to be an innovative delegation because of full "release" the delegant (a debtor) from any obligations against the delegatariy (a creditor) allows the author of the article to think some elements of this institute are quite acceptable for the legislation and productive in the realization of the objectives of the sides of the obligatory law relations in modern civil trade turnover. The author considers and hopes, not without justification, that requirements of everyday life call for comprehensive and objective development of normative acts which are urged to reflect all variety of the obligatory relations, the reason of their emergence, the contents and ways of stopping them.

 Keywords: obligatory law relations; the passive delegation; the legal debt succession; innovation; a creditor (a delegatariy); a debtor (a delegant); a new debtor (a delegate)


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