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Abstract: Based on the analysis of the foreign original sources, the foreign experience is researched of legislative fixation of the state bodies’ status details and other details of the civil legal personality of the state. The legislation of the European Union is analyzed as well as the legislation of the USA and the Great Britain, Italy, Latvia and Georgia.

In the USA and the Great Britain, the legal regulation of the issues in question is associated with the notion of the “investment law”. The USA legislation refused the “public law person” notion through to the start of active integration processes at the end of the 90s of XX century. Traditionally, the English and the American law use the category of power (governmental, local or public power) instead of the notion mentioned above. With this, the legal and organizational unity that stands for this power, has no characteristics of the legal person, and the bodies action on behalf of this power are vice versa the legal persons.

The peculiarities of the legal regulation of the public legal unities participation in the European Union countries were stipulated be the specifics of the civil law. For this reason, the category of the legal persons, and so – of the public legal persons - has a meaning different from the one in the Russian legislation. In the civil law of France the notion of the public legal entity is replaced by the notions of “public service” and “public establishment”, and the public legal entities are the subjects of exclusively administrative legal relations.

There is an opposite tendency in Germany. Here, there are independent notions of the public service and the public legal entity, and the government of modern Germany has a sufficiently strong administration that is responsible for controlling the foreign affairs, taxation, defense, transport, postal service, social provision programs and intelligence activities.

Keywords: government; public authorities; private law; public law; private law relations; legislation of foreign countries; the legal system


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