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Abstract: In work the short analysis of the mixed electoral systems is carried out. Their two versions are studied: the parallel and the mixed member proportional (MMP). In parallel systems, unlike MMP, the voices submitted for the candidate and for the party, are not connected. Parallel systems usually are not applied in the developed democratic countries because of their obvious injustice. In force of this factor the given system is used in Russia on regional and municipal elections. Most likely, in the future the State Duma will be selected also on parallel system.

The author investigates two basic versions of the MMP systems, their merits and demerits are considered. The MMP systems based on majority principle, are less fair, than what are based on a proportional principle (for example, German model). Owing to it the author suggests to hold an election in Russia under the MMP electoral system which project is offered to them.

First, on one-mandatory districts to be selected no more than thirds of deputies, secondly, it should is necessary to forbid double participation of party candidates in elections. Thirdly, it is necessary to forbid for party candidates to be put forward as self-promotion. Fourthly, voices of the lost party candidates should be added to the voices submitted for their party on uniform district. Fifthly, when in one-mandatory district the party candidate wins, from the voices submitted for its party, its voices received by it in one-mandatory district, preliminary reduced twice should be subtracted.

The author leads results of mathematical modelling of this system to results of voting of the last regional elections and proves its superiority before German system. They are offered to use the given system on federal and regional elections.

Keywords: electoral system; the mixed electoral system; a parallel electoral system; the MMP system; elections; federal elections; regional elections; municipal elections; electoral law; suffrages of citizens


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