PROBLEMS of the Investigation of Penitentiary Crimes in Modern Conditions

U.S. Fomin

Perm Institute of the Federal Penal Service
15, Karpinskogo st., Perm, 614012
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Article is devoted to the problems of investigatory actions in correctional facilities.

Now Russia lires thround the process of reforming of penal system. This reform aims at:

– increase of performance ettectiveness of establishments and bodies executing punishment, to the level of European standards of imprisoned persons treatment and requirements of social development;

– decrease of repeated of the crimes committed by persons, who were once sentenced to imprisonment, by increase of efficiency of social and psychological work in correctional facilities and the development of the system of post-penitentiary assistance to such persons;

– humanization of conditions of imprisoned persons maintenance, extension of guarantees of observance of prisoner`s rights and legitimate interests

The process of reforming makes essential impact on investigation of crimes committed in correctional facilities. There are the following peculiarities of investigatory actions in correctional facilities.

1. Introduction of new means of protection and supervision and their application in investigatory actions.

2. In the conditions of reforming of Penal System of the Russian Federation the organization of process of investigation of crimes committed in correctional facilities changes essentially. The role of inspectors of the Investigatory Committee of the Russian Federation at investigation of crimes in correctional facilities has increased.

3. Prisoners widely use mobile phones at committing crimes. Therefore there is a possibility of obtaining information from systems of mobile communication.

4. Use of mass media for of elimination counteraction to investigation.

5. Use of guard dogs at investigation of crimes committed in correctional facilities.

Thus, reforming of Penal System of the Russian Federation demands detailed scientific processing of tactical and organizational bases for investigatory actions in correctional facilities with a view of improvement of quality of investigation of crimes committed in correctional facilities.

Keywords: Investigation; investigatory actions; correctional facilities; reforming of prison system

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