DOI: 10.17072/1995-4190-2015-4-16-18


A.A. Zamaletdinov

Kazan Federal University

18, Kremlyovskaya st., Kazan, 420008

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Introduction:the article attempts to consider the regulations on the legal age established by the Russian legislation. Attention is drawn to the various requirements imposed by the legislature to the age of legal responsibility. Purpose: to study different approaches to establishing the legal age. Objectives: to compare the opinions of several authors regarding this issue and develop a genuine concept. Methods: the methodological basis of this study includes a variety of scientific methods, predominantly systemic, comparative, and legal methods. Results: there is no precise and integrated definition of the concept of “legal age” in scientific literature. Conclusions: the main ideas regarding the legal age are determined and compared to the author’s opinion.



Keywords: civil society; legal responsibility; legal age; entity of legal liability; purpose of legal liability;
issues of efficiency of legal responsibility; legal insanity; punishment


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