Bondarev A.S. (Perm City). Legal Culture of Society: Problems and Concepts of Structure

Suslov M.G., Zhukova T.M. (Perm City). The Force of the Law and the Right for the Force in History and in Modern Times

Chilkina K.V. (Saratov City). Housing Policy of Germany: History and Contemporaneity


Voronov A.M. (Moscow City). Concept of Public Safety: Questions of Realization

Kobzar-Frolova M.N., Frolov C.A. (Lyubertsy City). Security in the Sphere of Customs Business about

Stakhov A.I. (Moscow City). The Regional System of Public Security (on the Example of Perm Krai)

Tarasova A.V. (Moscow City). Constitutional Right of Access to Cultural Values in the System of Cultural Human and Civil Rights in the Russian Federation

Khudoley D.M. (Perm City). Subjects of Electoral Process

Khudoley K.M. (Perm City). About Some Questions of Appointment of Judjes of the Constititional (Statutory) Courts


Asessorov Y.S., Asessorova A.V. (Perm City). Energy Transfer of Local Power Plant: Legal Aspects

Bondarenko N.L. (Minsk City). Some Problems of the Modern Belarusian Civil Law

Gevorgyan M.A. (Perm City). Some Theoretical Aspects of Self-Defense as a Way to Protect Family Rights

Danilova N.V. (Tyumen City). Legal Nature of Claims for Environmental Damage (Analysis of Judicial Practice in Cases on Illegal Waste Disposal)

Inshakova A.O., Turbina I.A. (Volgograd City). New Policy Disclaimer Sole Eexecutive Body Economic Society in the Commission of a Bad Bargain

Kuranov V.G. (Perm City). The Concept of the Quality of Medical Services: Ccivil-Legal Aspect

Levushkin A.N. (Ulyanovsk City). The Issue of Sources of Civil Rights in the Post-Soviet States

Malkov V.P., Khaydarov A.A. (Kazan City). About Judicial and Legal Permanent Judicial Presence in the Composition of District and Regional Court of General Jurisdiction

Mirskikh I.Yu., Mingaleva Zh.A. (Perm City). Novels in the Sphere of Legal Regulation of Intellectual Activity Results

Fayzrakhmanov K.R. (Kazan City). The Legal Objectives of a Claim for Recognition of the Lack of a Right or Encumbrance: Instrumental Approach Experience


Vaske E.V., Tolstolutskiy V.Y. (Nizhniy Novgorod City). Methodological Fundamentals of Complex Correlation-Semantic Approach to the Drafting of Search Profile of an Unknown Offender

Stepanov V.V. (Perm City). Civil Delicts Criminalization Grounds

Chudin N.M. (Perm City). Age Evaluation in Juvenile Crime Prevention


Kudrin A.S. (Perm City). About the Role of Subjects of Social Power in the System of Social Partnership of CIS Countries: Comparative Legal Analysis

Kudrin S.M. (Perm City). About International and Foreign Legal Regulation of Social Partnership in the Public Service

Musayelyan L.A. (Perm City). The Crisis of International Law: Civilizational and Geopolitical Factors

VI. THE CIVIL RESEARCH METHODOLOGY (proceedings of all-Russian conference in memory of Professor M. Y. Chelysheva)

Barkov A.V. (Moscow City). Classification of Typical Deficiencies Contained in Civil Law Studies and Some Methodological Recommendations for Their Elimination

Boldyrev V.A. (Omsk City). Strategy the Publication of the Interim Results Dissertation Research

Komissarova E.G. (Tyumen City). About Fundamentals of Methodological Culture in Civil Law

Kuznetsova O.A. (Perm City). Methods of Scientific Research in Civil Dissertations

Sannikova L.V. (Moscow City). Research Activities as a Principal Activity of Postgraduates

Serova O.A. (Kaliningrad City). The Choice Paradigm of Scientific Research: Problems, Methodologies and External Evaluation

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