Issue 2 (16) 2012

Grishina Comparative Legal Study of Social Enterpreneurship in the Countries of America and Europe

Comparative Legal Study of Social Enterpreneurship in the Countries of America and Europe

Y.S. Grishina

Saratov State Law Academy
104, Chernyshevskaya st., Saratov, 410056
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The article deals with the comparative-legal research of social entrepreneurs in the countries of America and Europe. The possibilities of its application while modelling legal construction for providing socio-pecuniary needs in Russia nowadays are taken into consideration by the author. Theoretical and practical deviations existing in the traditions of overseas and European approaches for the understanding the essense of enterprises aimed at social needs are stipulated by the differences of historical, social and economic conditions of the non-commercial sector formation and its role in settling social problems of foreign countries. They will undoubtedly tell on the tendencies of the legislation development. Such enterprises appeared at the junction of commercial and non-commercial institutions which later got the name "social enterprises". The author reveals that such differences in the legal regulation of social enterprises activity in the USA and Western Europe are seen in the approaches to the definition of the role and the status of a state as the legislator in settling social problems. Much attention is paid to the fact that in Europe the role of a state is rather high and it influences the formation of the legislation concerning social enterprises. In the USA the greater part of the external financing and some other ways of supporting social enterpreneurship for the sake of strategic development is taken from private funds but not from the state finds. The state plays lesser role in the development of social entrepreneurship and this situation tells on the tendency of development of legal regulation sources of such relations. Further analysis of private-public means of interrelation sector exercising socio-enterpreneural activity with the help of innovation-legal tooling allowed to expose the tendency of development of social enterprises in the direction of coming together of American and European conceptions. It became possible when the author compared legal situation of British Company of Social interests and Italian Social Co-operative. The positive experience of them can be useful in settling Russian social problems. Great attention was paid by the author to the analysis of the legal status constructed on Italian Model of Polish Social Co-operative. The experience of it may be fully applied to Russia.

Keywords: social entrepreneurs; Company of Social Interest; social co-operative


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