DOI: 10.17072/1995-4190-2015-1-148-151


S.A. Khokhrin

Ryazan Academy of the Federal Penal Service

1, Sennaya Str., Ryazan, 390036

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Introduction: In article questions a state and structure of the criminal and legal characteristic of the crimes committed condemned in correctional facilities are considered. Purpose: The author conducts scientific research of criminally legal characteristic of the crimes committed condemned on the basis of the generalized empirical material. Methods: as a methodological basis of research the set of methods and ways of knowledge this which number treat rather – legal, logiko-legal, the analysis of documents, questioning, statistical materials and jurisprudence acts. Results: The author suggests to divide all recorded facts of commission of crimes into some blocks. This division will allow to allocate some categories of the crimes committed in correctional facilities. Comparison of the received results of the analysis of jurisprudence, the carried-out questioning of employees, and allow us to tell the statistical reporting about confidence that the specified categorization of specific prison crimes, Conclusions differ in the high level of latency: the author notes that more than ninety percent of all committed crimes occur in corrective labor colonies. Thus, the maximum quantity of crimes occurs in maximum security penal colonies. It is explained by features socially and the psychological characteristic condemned serving sentence in these establishments. In these establishments the maximum number of the heavy and especially serious crimes condemned for commission leaves. Crimes are less widespread in colonies especially of the mode and lechebno correctional facilities, this fact is connected with the most rigid detention regime in the first case and a state of health condemned in the second.



Keywords: penitentiary crime; criminology; the crime; correctional facilities; the justice; condemned;
criminally legal characteristic


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