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I.A. Susloparov

Perm State University

15, Bukirev st., Perm, 614990

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Introduction: this article discusses the controversial questions of the criminal threat classification. Purpose: study of the current approaches to assessment of threat as the most prevailing type of mental violence, search of solutions to the problems pertaining to matter and classification of criminal threats. Methods: general methods of scientific research (dialectical, metaphysical); general scientific methods of research (synthesis, analysis, system approach); specific scientific methods (legalistic, law comparative, historical, sociological). Results: according to results of studying the scientific sources and law of practice, the author acknowledges that restricted interpretation of threat, as a component of violent crimes including extortion, is unjustified. Conclusions: the author proposes to divide all criminal threats into two classes, analyses character and classification of one of two criminal threat types – hazard-threat.



Keywords: crime law; violence crime; property crime; extortion; violence; threat


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