Economic Basis of the Local Self-Government and Administrative Labor in Municipal Bodies

L.I. Busygin

Perm Branch of Non-State Educational Establishment of Higher Professional Education
“Moscow Institute of the State Administration and Law”

11, Taganrogskaya st., Perm, 614026
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Abstract: Defining the meaning of the economical basis of the local self-government, it is necessary to mention that it is one of the principal basic elements of the local self-government. Every municipal unit should have its municipal property and its sources of income. Having its own economic basis is a necessary condition for retaining the independence status of the local self-governing bodies.

In the article, the numerous questions are viewed of understanding the economic basis and the administrative labor for the local self-government in the Russian Federation. The following is analyzed: for the economic basis of the local self-government – the legislation and the views of the scientists starting from the beginning of the 90s of the previous century; for the administrative labor – the soviet period is basically taken as the basis, because the category of the “administration labor” is currently not of much interest. It is also noted that on December 12, 2013 Vladimir Putin, in his annual Address to the Federal Meeting named specifying the general principles of the local self-government organization and the development of the strong, independent and financially stable local authorities among the most important tasks. Special attention is given to the fact that the development of the district councils and local self-government allowed Russia to make a jerk, to find qualified specialists for big progressive reforms. Including the agrarian reforms by Stolypin and the re-arrangement of industry in the period of the World War I.

The concept and the meaning are proposed of the economic basis of the local self-government, as well as the definition of the administration labor and its classification. The administration labor is proposed to be understood as the normatively regulated activity of the official bodies and (or) officials that organize a definite behavior of the subjects of the public relations for the purpose of the efficient functioning of the corresponding organizational legal structure (form).

Keywords: economical fundamentals for the local self-government; municipal property; municipal unit; local self-government; administrative labor; scientific labor organization; legal relation content; product of labor



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