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Supreme Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation
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Abstract:The author gives the characteristic of a term of the rent payment. The analysis of the order of calculation, the terms of payment, changing the rates is made.

First of all, the author gives the doctrinal definition of the “rent payment” notion. The rent payment is a sum of money or other property which is to be paid by the renter to the lessor for the property provided for use and owning or just for use.

It is noted that the term of the contract associated with the rent payment is not included into the fundamental contract conditions.

The author makes it prominent that the rent payment is made for the actual use, i.e. for the exploitation of the property. With this it is noted that when the rented property cannot be used due to the circumstances for which the lessor is responsible, the rent payment can be not made.

In the author’s opinion, the choice of this or that way of the rent payment calculation, the order and the conditions of payment are defined by the social and economic parameters (the inflation level, the demand and supply status, methods of charging the depreciation etc.), by the specific features of some types of the rent, by the rent period etc.

Keywords: rental contract; rent payment; use of rented property; renter; lessor



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