DOI: 10.17072/1995-4190-2015-3-62-70


I.Yu. Mirskikh

Department of Civil Law Perm State University

15, Bukirev st., Perm, 614990

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Zh. A. Mingaleva

Perm State University

29, Komsomolsky av., Perm, 614990

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Introduction: the paper analyses legal regulation of use and protection of intellectual property. The problems of creative innovation activity are revealed. Purpose: the authors analyse current civil legislation in order to develop practical recommendations to make intellectual property protection more effective. Methods: the methods of analysis and synthesis, methods of micro- and macroeconomic analysis of legal facts and events, interdisciplinary approach are used in the paper. Results: it is important to analyse legal regulation in the sphere of scientific and technical activity and intellectual property in Russia and foreign countries. Such analysis will allow to reveal the main problems of the Russian legislation and to work out recommendations to improve legal regulation of intellectual property. It is essential to form an incentive system fostering more active participation of researchers in technology transfer and intellectual property commercialization. Work on simplification of the procedures of putting intellectual property and exclusive rights of scientific and innovation activity results into industrial exploitation is an important element. Conclusions: it is necessary to develop and introduce into practice a complex approach to solving the existing problems of intellectual property protection with an emphasis on the efforts of  not only federal and regional executive authorities but also all the subjects of innovation activity, which will make it possible to improve legal regulation in this sphere.



Keywords: intellectual property; intellectual activity results; innovation; exclusive rights


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