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Article analyzes compares the Federal Law of the Russian Federation "About Advertising" and the law of Ukraine "About Advertising" from the perspective of civil law.

Key words: advertising, subjects and objects of advertising, responsibility, improper advertising, intellectual property rights, the offer.

The main points of the research: concept of advertising, subjects, objects of advertising in terms of civil law, correlation of advertising and offer, requirements of inappropriate advertising, responsibility in the field of advertising, some legal forms of advertising and brief comparison of the bodies that regulate and control advertising field.

The main legal documents in the field of advertising in Ukraine and the Russian Federation are the Law of Ukraine "About Advertising" and the Federal Law "About Advertising". Certain provisions contained in the Civil Code of both countries, as well as the laws and regulations governing relations in the process of production, distribution and dissemination of advertising adopted in accordance with the sectoral laws (for example, language legislation or laws that regulate the media).

Ukrainian and Russian laws determines an advertising as information disseminated by any means, in any form or by any means, addressed to the public and aimed at drawing attention to the subject of advertising, the establishment or maintenance of interest in it and its promotion in the market.

Subject structure of advertising: advertising producer, advertiser, distributor of advertising, advertising consumer.

Improper advertising – advertising that does inconsistent with legal requirements.

Ukrainian lawmaker should use the experience of the Russian Federation and to define improper advertising as a generic category, unfair, misleading, unethical, etc. advertising as specific concepts.

Russian lawmakers should be regulated in detail using of intellectual property in advertising. Ukraine's experience could be valuable to improve this legislation.

We could make a decision about the identity of main concepts, categories and institutions of Ukrainian and the Russian advertising field.

But the differences between Ukrainian and Russian law are: the definition of improper and unfair advertising; sponsorship interpretation; currency in advertising; the legal status of product placement; the list of objects are limited to advertise; legal regulation of intellectual property in advertising; self-regulation of market participants; the list of agencies that are authorized to exercise control in the field of advertising; definition of advertising as an offer.

 Keywords: advertising; advertising agents; objects of advertising; legal regulation of advertising; responsibility; improper advertising; intellectual property rights; offer


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