Principal Purposes and Targets of the Author’s Summary

The author’s summary is a short description of the larger work having a scientific character. The author’s summary can be published apart from the principle text and correspondingly should be understandable with no reference to the original article.

The author’s summary of the article should make the essence of the research clear to the reader.

Judging on the author’s summary the reader shall define if he needs to refer to the full text of the article for getting more detailed information that interests him.

The author’s summary in Russian is the basement for interpreting the summary in English; however it should not be translated in a word-for-word manner (by calquing) but should comply with the principle rules and the stylistics of the English language. The English translation of the author’s summary is included into the English version of the magazine website and is used for the foreign review databases and analytical systems (citation index).

Structure, Contents and Size of the Author’s Summary

The author’s summary shall represent the significant facts of the work, and shall not exaggerate or contain information which is not included into the principal part of the article.

The structure is welcome which repeats the structure of the article and includes introduction, purposes and targets, methods, results/ discussion, conclusion/ resume.

However, the subject, the topic, the aim of the work are only given if they are not clear from the name of the article; the method and the methodology are worth describing if they are new or are of some interest from the point of view of the work.

The results of the work are described with maximum accuracy and conclusively. The principal theoretical and experimental results, the actual data, the discovered interrelations and regularities are given. With this, the new results and long-term meaning results, important findings, conclusions contradicting the existing theories and data that have practical importance in the author’s opinion are preferred.

The conclusions can be accompanied with recommendations, evaluations, proposals and theories described in the article.

The information contained in the title of the article should not be repeated in the text of the author’s summary.

The superfluous introductory phrases (for example, “the author of the article studies…”) need to be avoided. The historical notes should not be given unless they are principal contents of the document, the description of the works published before and generally acknowledged provisions are also omitted.

The text of the author’s summary should use the syntax structures that are typical for the language of the scientific and technical documents; the complicated grammatical structures.  

The meaningful words from the text of the article should be used in the author’s summary.

The text of the author’s summary should be laconic and precise, free from the minor information, superfluous introductory words, general and insignificant wording.

The text should be connected; the separate given provisions should logically result from each other.

The abbreviations and graphical symbols besides the generally acknowledged ones, are used in exceptional cases and are decoded when they are used in the author’s summary for the first time.

There are no references to the number of the publication in the list of references of the article.

The size of the author’s summary is defined by the contents of the publication (the volume of the data, their scientific importance or/and practical meaning) but should not exceed 100-250 words.




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